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Our New and Improved Model #RFH-2020 & #RFH-1020 Hemp Harvest Combine Conversion Kit

For the 1480-2588 CASE IH Axial-Flow Combines and John Deere STS Rotary Combines.

Patent Pending

Don’t be fooled by imitations… The original Hemp Harvest Combine Conversion Kit!

Hemp Harvest Conversion Kit 2020
#RFH-2020 Hemp Harvest Conversion Kit CASE IH
($21,500 +s&h)

Turnkey Hemp Harvester
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#RFH-2010 Hemp Harvest Conversion Kit
(Sold Out)
Hemp Harvest Conversion Kit 1020
#RFH-1020 Hemp Harvest Conversion Kit John Deere
($21,500 +s&h)

How the #RFH-2020 Works

Our model #RFH-2020 and #RFH-1020 Hemp Harvest Combine Conversion Kits come with everything needed to convert a stock 1480-2588 CASE IH Axial-Flow Combine or John Deere STS Rotary Combine into a hemp harvester.

We also specialize in custom turnkey Hemp Harvesters. Having over 50 years of combine experience, we will locate, convert and deliver a Case IH Combine upon your request ready for hemp harvest.

If you would like more information on our Hemp Harvest Conversion Kits or a quote on a turnkey Hemp Harvester, fill out our contact form and we will be happy to help you with your hemp harvesting needs.

Case IH Combines Series